Hey, I'm Robert.

Welcome to my slice of the internet.

I’m Robert Veres, a student pursuing of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Currently, I’m working as a machine learning engineer in Japan. I write code for websites; mobile apps; and low-level system architectures, extract meaning from data, and tinker with electronics. I also love biology, math, and finance and am always learning something new.

Beyond those things, I’m also Hungarian. And love to dance salsa. And run 5Ks. And an (amateur) photographer. And am deeply interested in international affairs, both past and present. (Phew.)

That's me

That’s me watching the sun rise over Atlanta, circa January 2021. It was really cold.

Robert, the programmer…and then some

Here’s a little more about what I do:

  • Backend Web Development with a variety of platforms and databases
  • Frontend Web Development in most of the popular frameworks
  • Mobile Development on Android and iOS with Flutter and React Native
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning using Pandas, Numpy, PyTorch, and TensorFlow
  • Data Engineering with the Apache suite: Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and Flink
  • Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
  • Low-Level Programming in C for UNIX and Intel architectures
  • Electronics prototyping and Printed Circuit Board development in Altium
  • Quantitative Finance and Supply Chain Analysis with tools such as the Bloomberg Terminal and Panjiva from S&P Global

How did I learn all of this? Simply put, I love learning. I’m always looking for new courses to take and books to read.

What am I up to now?

At the moment, I’m working as a machine learning engineer in NTT Communication Science Laboratories in Japan.

After Japan, I’m hoping to work as a software/data/machine learning/hardware engineer in Europe. I fundamentally believe that gaining international work experience is a must in this globally interconnected world.

To check out what I’m working on right now, check out my GitHub page.

Want to reach out to me?

Awesome. Head over to the contact me page.